Ken Colyer Memorial Jazz Band

The Ken Colyer Memorial Jazz Band has dedicated themselves to the works of the great New Orleans style music and jazz legend Ken Colyer, who has a firm place in the jazz history books. Dutch trombonist Ben Rinia and his international ensemble have dedicated themselves with great commitment and skill to keeping his music alive. New Orleans jazz means going back to the roots. Names such as Bunk Johnson and George Lewis come to mind. Pieces that come from the heart are played and enjoyed with much emotion. The Ken Colyer Memorial Jazz Band is higly succesfully both at home and abroad, always receiving much enthousiastic applause for its fantastic music.
For years Ben Rinia included Ken Colyer titles in his programme, playing them so frequently with his ensembles that he finally decided to found a band that would focus exclusively on the works of this musician. His Ken Colyer Memorial Jazz band had brought great pleasure to highly appreciative audiences since 1999.

Ben Rinia, (NL) Trombone,voc,leader
Anton de Leuw(NL), Cornet
Palo’ W. Heyde (D), Drums, Banjo
Maciej Domaradzki (PL), Stringbass
Joep Agterkamp (NL), Banjo, Mandolin, Vocal
Wil van Gessel(NL),Clarinet, Sax, Mouthharp
Special guest: Ray Smith, former piano player of the Ken Colyer Jazz Men


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